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Super easy and super healthy recipes, because EVERYONE needs to eat!

Weight Loss

Curious on how I lost so much weight in a relatively short period of time?  Here's the program I used!


Knowledge is power!  I love to learn, and I love to share!  Watch for new courses to be added soon!

The 5 Answers You Need For Achieving and Maintaining Weight Loss: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

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Hi, I'm Lisa...

Age is just a number! Over the last few years, I've educated myself on various types of fitness and nutrition and have been able to use a combination of ideas to find what works best. I believe that everyone is different, and strive to help individuals learn to find what will work best for them. I'm passionate about sharing my learning with you and helping you live your best life!

I am the mother of two teenage girls, a Certified Health Coach and certified in two fitness formats. My hobbies include vegetarian cooking, fitness, reading, shopping, and traveling. I love my family, my 5 pound Yorkie, Mona, summer, the beach, sports, reality TV, new adventures, and 80s hair bands.


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