131 Method Review: What Is This and How Does It Work?

131 method Dec 27, 2018

Chalene Johnson's 131Method is a fairly new, ever-evolving nutrition plan that is educating us deeper on everything we thought we knew about dieting and nutrition!  This method is absolutely different from anything else out there.  It is very scientific, and is centered in finding what will work for you as an individual.


Here's How It Works:

This program uses "diet phasing" to get the best benefits of different eating styles without risking getting any of the long term problems that could be associated.  In the process of phasing, you will find which styles of eating work the best for you and you will be far less likely to plateau or become bored with eating, as the way you're eating changes with each phase.

Every 4 weeks you will enter the next phase of the 12 week cycle.  By the end of that period you will have completed all 3 phases and the cylcle is repeated from there.  This program will look entirely different for everyone who uses it as it really focuses on each person as an individual.  You will learn how to pick and choose which parts will work for you based on your preferences and medical history.  My personal belief is that this is why it works and is easy to make into a lifestyle vs. just doing a 30 day or 3 month diet.  It truly is a lifestyle change.


What You Get:

At the regular price of $147 you will get 14 weeks access to the 131 Method Program which includes a drip of weekly 4- 20 minute video and audio lessons which can also be read in a transcribed format.  These lessons are timed released each week of your 12 week journey so that you have a clear idea of what you are doing each week, recipe ideas, and sample grocery lists.  

You also get a huge section on mindset, 131 "Club" which has videos and articles on everything from using the program if you have existing medical issues to the benefits of different foods, to cooking demonstrations and food swaps.  You also have access to Registered Dietitians and Registered Nutritionists who are happy to answer questions at any time about your specific needs.  Recipes and Club content are constantly updated and the recipes and information is endless!


(sample screenshots of the recipe and club sections)


In the beginning you will learn how to test foods and determine which foods are inflammatory for your body.  Surprisingly, these foods are often otherwise healthy foods such as cheese, certain nuts, or various specific vegetables.  It quickly becomes easy to realize why you are not able to experience weight loss when these foods that you're eating - possibly every day - are actually causing inflammation, and whole list of other symptoms which may include headache, lethargy, brain fog, etc.


Does It Work?:

I believe that mindset is key for almost anything to work.  For me the 131Method felt like it took a little extra mindset because I first had to forget everything I thought I knew about dieting. (In case you don't know me, I'm a Certified Health Coach and have been in the fitness and nutrition field for years, so I had quite a bit of information stored in my head on these topics!)  I also found that the program  provided me with all the mindset I needed to get through.  I lost 22 pounds in my first 4 weeks which provided me with any additional motivation I needed to keep going!  I went on to lose a total of 52 pounds within a few months to reach my goal weight.  Honestly, I can tell you that the weight loss has been just one of the many benefits I have gained through this experience.  I feel better, more energized, and younger than I can remember feeling in a very long time!


I also beliefe that a strong support system is really beneficial for many of us.  I believe in this method so much, that I have since become a 131 Ambassador. If you have additional questions or would like to be "coached" through this program, post in the comments, or feel free to contact me.  I would love to help you through it!  Sign up using my personal link, or message me ([email protected]) on how to begin!


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