3 Life Changing Swaps

You have more power than you know!  With changing up just three things, you have the power to change your entire life!  You can't change the world, but you can change yourself.

1. Swap Your Attitude

Find the good in every situation! If something doesn't go as you had hoped, think of it not as a failure, but as opportunity from which to learn and grow.  Take the lessons, and apply them to your next try.  Did you just lose a job?  That probably means there's simply didn't belong there in the first place and there's something even better out there for you.  

By changing your attitude, you can find something positive in almost every situation.  You will still have problems and struggles, but you will have the positivity to know they are simply set backs that you can overcome!

2. Swap Your Surroundings

Ok, so in reality, you can't just change your home, neighborhood, workplace, or community, but there are plenty of things you can change!  Declutter your home and workplace so that you can be most productive and avoid the stressful feelings associated with clutter.  Get rid of things that cause stress in your life or that no longer serve a purpose.  Fix those little things around the house that keep nagging at you to be fixed.  Create a peaceful, inviting environment in the physical areas where you spend the most time.

Surround yourself with positive people.  Again, in reality, you can't always change your family or your coworkers, but you can chose with whom you spend the majority of your time.  Find people and groups that motivate you, that inspire you, and that encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle and to be your best.

3. Swap Your Mindset

This is the most important and the most powerful!  Your mindset holds the key to change every aspect of your life.  Have you ever heard the phrase "what you can believe, you can achieve"?  It's absolutely true!  When you see a challenge ahead and tell yourself that it's probably too hard, you are setting yourself up for failure, but when you see the same challenge and decide that you'll figure it out, you'll almost always find success!

Concentrate on the things you want most.  Whatever it is that you focus on and are willing to work for will most likely become your reality.  

If you tell yourself you're probably not going to lose weight because you've tried everything diet out there, and nothing works for you, then you probably won't lose any weight.  If you tell yourself that you probably won't pass the test on Wednesday because you're just not that smart, then you probably won't pass the test.  And if you think a new group of people isn't going to like you because  you're socially awkward, you're not that pretty, and you generally don't get along too well with others, then you're right, they may not think too highly of you.

But when you swap to a positive mindset and you concentrate on your goals, you put in the work, and you tell yourself what you are capable of, those goals will start to transpire!  Assure yourself every single day that you can achieve your goals and just like the little train that started chanting "I think I can", you can achieve almost anything, and you will change your life.





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