5 Things Happy People Know

self care Nov 22, 2018

Everyone wants to be HAPPY!  Research is showing us that anyone can obtain happiness, regardless of their circumstances, and the ways to create happiness in life may not be what you’d expect!

Do you feel like you’re never truly happy?  Or worse, do you worry that you will NEVER be truly happy?  Maybe we are looking for happiness in all of the wrong places! Most of us believe that we would be happy if we were just a little smarter, a little better looking, or a little thinner.  Almost all of us think we would be happier if we had more money.  But the research is showing that none of these are true, and all of us are capable of being truly happy if we practice these 5 things:


Express Gratitude

Start each day by thinking of something you are grateful for.  This can be something as simple as the sun shining or hearing the birds singing outside your window, or as extraordinary as waking up to news that you got that promotion you’ve been working for.  By starting the day with a moment of gratitude, your mind is already looking at the brighter side of things.  It’s almost impossible to feel grateful and be in a bad mood at the same time.  Take a few moments each week and write down some things you are grateful for on a a slip of paper.  Keep the slips in a jar or a box.  When you are feeling down, pull out a few of these reminders of all the wonderful blessings you’ve experienced!

Be Optimistic

Almost everything comes with positives as well as negatives.  It’s  up to you which way you choose to view any situation.  It is said, “What you think about, you bring about”.  If you are constantly thinking with a pessimistic attitude, you will almost always experience a negative outcome.  It is when you learn to expect the best that you will be able to reap the benefits of the situation.



Practice Random Acts of Kindness

While being kind benefits others, the biggest benefit usually comes to those who give it.  There is a sense of joy that comes when you do for others.  Kindness can come from helping another, volunteering, donating, or simply the giving of your time, attention, and understanding.  Everyone has something that they can offer or share with others, as kindness does not have to come in the form an action, and does not have to be a physical object.  Often when performing this type of behavior, the person giving becomes more consciously aware of their natural abilities and strengths.


Enjoy Occasions and Events

It is not unusual to practically dread events like family holiday dinners and get togethers, elementary school ceremonies and recitals, or various services.  These types of things are in actuality held to celebrate something.  It is only later in life, when family members or friends are no longer with us that we can appreciate the time we had with those people who we took for granted.  Most people love the fact that you gave of your time and supported them through their personal achievements, and therefore having you at their celebrations is monumental.  Learn to enjoy these times, and feel the excitement and appreciation of others.



Use Forgiveness

Finally, forgiveness is a great way to increase your happiness.  While you may be resistant to forgiving someone who has done you wrong, it is important to remember that their side of the story is probably very different than yours.  In the end it doesn’t really matter who was right or wrong nearly as much as the ability to move forward does.  It’s extremely difficult to progress with your future if there is an incident from the past that you are dwelling on.  The sooner you can accept that these things happened and forgive, the sooner you have room for more h happiness in your life.







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