Make It Your Way Simple Frittata

recipes Sep 27, 2018

Who knew making a big brunch for the family could be so quick and easy?  I double this recipe when guests are coming so there's plenty for everyone, and I don't have to spend my time in the kitchen.  With it's simplicity and so many variations, you can't go wrong with this dish! 


Choose a variety of chopped ingredients.  I used veggie maple sausage, chopped broccoli, and parmesan cheese in this picture.  Some suggestions would include onions and peppers, mushrooms and spinach, or a combination of all of those!  (Use your imagination!)  Simply heat all of the ingredients together in a 10 in. oven safe skillet coated with non stick spray.

In a separate bowl, whisk 8 eggs and stir in any desired cheeses.  Pour the eggs into the pan, right over the top of the first ingredients.  Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until set.  Let stand for a minute or two, and then sprinkle with herbs and diced tomato.


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