My Journey: I Tried The 131 Method

131 method weight loss Jan 01, 2019


I'm one of those people who has tried everything.  At 49 years old, I started to believe that I was just meant to be a larger sized woman.  I told myself that this was clearly the way I was created and that my genetics, and my age must be the reason I was carrying extra weight.

My backstory:

I was a very active teenager and my weight was pretty much right on point, but I started to struggle with weight as soon as high school ended.  My weight was up and down through my thirties and forties as I went through pregnancy and a pretty messy divorce.  As a single mom in my early forties I knew I had to make some changes in my life to finally get healthy and fit once an for all.  

Accountability was key for me, so I found a group of support friends and became a certified health coach in hopes of learning everything I needed to know to be my physical best.  I began following intense fitness programs and was faithful in following them to the extreme.  Each time I would start a new program I would lose 3-5 pounds over the first few weeks, only to have them resurface by the time I would complete a thirty day to 3 month program.  Over the years of this, I found that while I was stronger and more "in shape" than ever, I actually gained a few more pounds! 

I had pretty much given up all hope of ever having the body I truly wanted.  Then, about 6 months before my 50th birthday I heard about something new called 131Method.  This program caught my attention instantly for a few reasons: it was created by my trusted mentor, Chalene Johnson, it was labeled "the anti-diet", it was supposed to balance hormones, and it was the "study of one", meaning it would be modified simply for me.  

Years of hard rules and restrictions left me feeling deprived and like a failure, so I figured why not try one last thing, before I turned 50, and if it didn't work for me, then I would just give up and live the rest of my life the way God, or genetics, or nature had planned.          


                                                           me, at age 40                                                 

Here's what happened next:

I immediately started watching the videos and listening to the audios the day my first lessons were released.  (The program is fully online, with drip released content each week, to keep you focused on what to do in every phase.)  I started hearing concepts that I had never heard before, or that were the exact opposite of things I had learned in the past.  I was so shocked by some of the things I was hearing, that I rewound certain portions to make sure I actually heard them correctly.  The lessons gave each new idea so much scientific support that I had to wonder why I had never heard any of this before. There was a part of me that was almost terrified to implement some of the things I was hearing, but I knew, deep down inside of me, that what I was doing wasn't working and that if I was going to change, some of the habits I had learned were also going to have to change.

I had made a commit to myself that I would go "all in", and despite the questions and doubts in my head, I followed the new concepts I was learning exactly as I was learning them.  I really liked that 131Method was recognizing me as an individual, especially since I also eat only vegetarian foods, and not telling me I should basically be doing the same thing as a 20 year old man with a completely different medical history.  


                                          my results after the first 6 weeks

It was truly shocking to me that after only a few days I started to feel an increase in my energy levels, and I suddenly wasn't hungry.  At the end of my first week I had lost 8 pounds, and by the end of 4 weeks, I had lost a total of 22 pounds.  This plan looks different for everyone, so everyone will also experience weight loss at different rates, but I will tell you that everyone I know who has followed this method correctly has been able to see a noticeable difference after the first week, either on the scale, in their inflammation, and/or in inches lost.


Fast Forward To The Present:

Over the first 5 months of using 131Method, I was able to hit my goal weight loss of 50 pounds, plus a few extra!  At the one year anniversary of starting my journey, I have easily maintained my weight.  I keep a very active lifestyle, but I have cut back intense exercise significantly, and look better than ever while maintaining strength.  I have found that I love the way I look and feel when eating the way this method teaches to the point where I can't imagine ever living any other way.


                                                       6 month progress

To this day, honestly, the hardest part of all of this, was mentally erasing everything I had been taught in the past.  Basic concepts, such as "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" were hard to unlearn.  Adding things back into my diet, like fats, just felt taboo, and I found myself lurking in the grocery store, hoping that none of my coaching family would see me and the "bad" things in my grocery cart, because they had no idea that I was making a change.

What's Next?

Thank God, I tried one more thing!  Now, I committed to become an Ambassador for 131Method because it truly has been the only thing that has worked for me.  It gives me so much joy to help others do what I did and to watch other women (and men!) have the success that I  found!  If you have any questions regarding this program, please leave a comment, or contact me today!


                                                           me, at age 50


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