Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Right Now

health Dec 28, 2018

There are many ways to improve your health.  Here are few simple things you can do right now to get started. 

Cut Back on Sugar.  Or better yet, eliminate it.  Sugar is hidden in almost everything, and it has absolutely no health benefits.  Besides being addictive, sugar causes disease, and while it tastes good, it leaves you feeling lethargic, irritable, and hangry when you crash.

Manage Stress  Everyone experiences stress, but there are many different ways to deal with it.  If your stress goes unmanaged it can lead to serious physical and mental problems including high blood pressure, ulcers, depression, and heart disease.  Try stress relieving exercises, meditation, prayer, and therapy.


Be Social  Having deep connections with others and sharing various memories is a great way to increase your overall happiness.  Find others that motivate and inspire you.  Find mutually interesting activities and do them together.  You'll find you become more productive and have less health problems.

Get Active.  Physical activity improves both physical and mental health.  With regular activity you will look better, feel better, and have more energy.  Long hours of exercise are not necessary to get these results, but be sure to stay active most of the time.

Stay Hyrated.  Hydration makes every cell in the body function better.  It makes your organs perform better, boosts brain power and productivity, helps diminish hunger and fatigue, and makes complexion look better. 

Sing and Dance.  Singing and dancing have both been known to improve mood, help mentally and emotionally, increase energy, and burn calories.  Singing and dancing are great mood boosters!


Take a Vacation.  Taking time off from work and daily stressors is great for mental and physical health.  It's a great time to bond with family and friends or to simply take time for yourself to have a new adventure or to relax.  Those who vacation regularly tend to have less health problems and live longer and better.

Get Quality Sleep Adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, but it's not just the quantity of sleep, but the quality that matters.  Proper sleep not only  increases energy and focus, but it helps to prevent things like diabetes, obesity, and depression too.  Eliminate caffeine after lunch time, get into a regular routine.



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