Staying Health During COVID19 is so much more than wearing a mask!

There sure are some cute masks right now on Etsy!  It looks like we'll be wearing them for quite a while, so may as well have a few cute ones!

While they may be cute, they only help with some of the health issues during COVID19.  Masks are actually more for the safety of others than they are for you.  And the threat of contracting the virus is only one of the ways this epidemic can be harmful to your health.

We are all very aware right now that our economy is also being greatly effected by this pandemic.  While contracting the virus and our financial situations seem to be getting the most attention, here are some other very serious issues that may be taking a toll on your health:

  • fear
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • lack of routine
  • poor eating habits
  • poor sleeping patterns
  • inactivity
  • reduced social interaction

All of these issues are just as important as the others, and deserve special attention.  If you are experiencing fear, anxiety, and/or depression, reduce the amount of time you spend taking in news, and fill your viewing and listening time with inspiring movies and documentaries, motivational podcasts, spiritual activities, and encouraging friends.  Please consider consulting a professional as well.

Make a schedule for yourself and get into a routine that includes healthy meals, less snacks and binge eating, a specific time to go to bed and wake up, and daily activity.  Be creative with new ways to be social, if you need ideas, check out my Free Guide Staying Social While Staying Home, the options are endless.

Take care of yourself as a whole.  Wear the cute mask, but don't be fooled into thinking it's enough. 


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