The Healthy Lifestyle Program That Taught Me How To Lose My Weight

131 method Aug 10, 2018

This absolutely has to be the very first thing on my “Things I Love” list because it has changed my life!  It is a total health program that is typically mistaken as a weight loss plan.  I lost 22 pounds in less than 4 weeks just by eating to increase energy, clear brain fog, balance my hormones and get healthy.                


 I was experiencing the typical symptoms of closing in on my 50s – forgetfulness, diminishing energy, moodiness, steady weight gain, and even the need for bifocal contact lenses.  I have been working out every day for years, and despite my efforts, my body was strong, but slowly declining in appearance.  I am that girl that tried everything and I was ready to give up.

It came as a total surprise to me when my favorite celebrity trainer posted that she was experiencing similar symptoms.  Of course, this wasn’t acceptable for a world class fitness icon, and because she had the contacts and resources to invest in her own health, she was able to come up with a program to address these issues.  I had to learn more  and decided I would try this one last thing.


Is this a diet plan?

The  method is a health plan, not a diet plan. It is the Study of One… YOU!  The focus is on variables like sleep, stress, activity, relationships, and specific characteristics that are relevant to each of us as individuals.  I’ve realized for years that everything else out there clumped me into a group or level where I was told to do exactly what everyone else in that category was doing, and yet I knew I was different from everyone else.  In hindsight, how would that ever work for me as an individual?

This plan teaches us about our hormones and how to balance them and actually use them to our benefit!  It gives us the science to be able to test our own bodies to see which foods cause inflammation in each of us and in many cases, how to teach our bodies to be able to tolerate those same foods.  It teaches us to listen to our bodies and read it’s signals to us for maximum health benefits.

The nutrition portion is set up in three four week phases, each using a different healthy style of eating.  Each style has multiple benefits, but some of these benefits decrease if the way of eating is long term.  For that reason, we learn to  “phase” our diets each month which also alleviates boredom and plateauing.  You choose what you’re eating based on preference and which foods you discover work with your body (and don’t cause inflammation) based on the knowledge you learned.

Besides Weight Loss, What Can I Expect to Experience?

I realize that the portion about weight loss that this article started with is probably what inspired you to keep reading, I would have been the same a few short months ago.  But I have to tell you that the mental clarity, improved sleep, energy, confidence, and general sense of well being are just as valuable to me.

I have become so passionate about this method that I now run a private, online support group!  You can learn more about what finally worked for me  HERE.  If  this is what you’ve been looking for, I would love to have you join us!



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