Tips to Get You Up and Moving

fitness motivation May 13, 2018

Did you have a late night or wake up to a dreary morning? Sometimes we just don’t feel like getting up and exercising. Here are a few tips to make it a little easier.

Lay out your workout clothes at bedtime so it’s natural to get up and put them on. Now you’re half way to at least getting started!


Don’t immediately go eat a big or heavy breakfast! This will definitely force you back to bed.

Dig out those headphones and jam to some upbeat music – you know, the kind that makes you want to dance!

Remember the great feeling you get when you finish!

Just start. Do whatever physical activity it is that you enjoy most. Give it 5 minutes, then another 5. This will get your blood flowing and odds are, you’ll WANT to finish strong.


It’s important for me to add here that you should always listen to your body. IF you are ill, have an injury, or your body is need of a break, by all means, please honor that. Active rest days are vital to your health. (An active rest day is one that includes movement and activity, but with no structured, intense physical exercise.)

If you are healthy, but just feeling lazy, you should know that this feeling happens to EVERYBODY on some days, not just beginners. Remember that the difference between beginners and regulars is that those who have been doing it regularly fully understand that the exercise is exactly what they need to feel better.


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